audio diary and photography by manuela vega

In this audio diary, Manuela Vega talks about adjusting to a new life of self-isolation in the age of coronavirus. We encourage you to listen to the audio as you scroll.

Adjustment is a slow process. 

I’m taking life as it comes.

But there’s a lot that plays on my mind.

There are so many possibilities outside of this house. 

I wish I could explore them. 

But I know the pandemic is hitting other people worse than it’s hit me.

I know that across the globe it means illness, death and grieving for many.

Hunger for others.


I don’t know how we’re going to emerge from this.

In crisis.

In the midst of everything, I’m looking for silver linings.

I’m practising gratitude.

Staying home.

Washing my hands.

Physical distancing.

I need a hug. 

I could use a kiss.

I daydream a lot. 

But reality can be pretty disturbing.


I still hope there will be some kind of revolution that comes out of this.

Where people acknowledge that half the systems that govern us are a farce.

I’ll just keep on writing for now.