messages from the stars: a reflection of the past year

art by alexa jada (a.k.a honey)

“messages from the stars: a reflection of the past year” (2019): mixed media on canvas, 36’x24′

Alexa Jade (aka. Honey) is a 20 year-old lesbian artist expressing her energy through a number of mediums, including oil painting, collaging, and film photography. Alexa uses a unique blend of abstract painting with a palette knife in layers. This technique showcases the energy of a piece. Alexa also incorporates the use of multiple exposures in her photography to portray the fleeting moments as a picture is taken, the good bits a single exposure tends to miss. Alexa’s goal as an artist is to release her energy into the world through different mediums, manifesting the world in her head. Alexa’s art is deeply inspired by women, as seen through the eyes of a woman. She refuses to box herself in as an artist, always adapting and trying new mediums. Alexa is based in Caledon, Ontario and has been consistently creating since 2018.

i go by alexa⚡️jade and honey.

@honeyonacloud on instagram.

i shoot film and make art.

art instagram: @honeyoncanvasfilm, instagram: @honeyonfilm