honey bee

poetry and photography by kenza vandenbroek (she/her)

I watched a man cut paper snowflakes

At a busy intersection

And had a sudden craving for


And also miso soup.

I think of you

sipping tea from the bedside table;

All watchful eyes and

quiet comfort.

You turn off the lamp but the light

lingers on

And I still feel your smile

Like a dawn crescent moon.

For you I became a woman

And that’s why womanhood was never a present for me.

I missed the part where it was gifted gracefully.

Instead, I ran into it with full force

And miscounted all the footsteps

The ground took.

I don’t mean to get so frustrated but feeling the full moon of my life

Has made me notice the craters.

I see the desire to keep me small

In the way my mother will always give me chores.

Having three adults in the house Is a real shit-show sometimes

But man we get good at

Talking over one another.

As we become women we lose sight of our mothers.

They become our friends

And we might resent them a little

For giving us to a world where

everything evokes.

When they teach us

about procreation

They never tell us how hard it is to fall out of love

For me I cut my hair and

With you I never managed

to finish a book.

I tell myself I’ve made great progress

Because brushing my teeth no longer reminds me

Of us doing those things together.

It’s a final quarter and I’m on my period

“I am an irritable,

Temperamental toad

But I am a woman,

I am a woman damn it!”

I aggressively tell my reflection

while washing my feet in the sink.

I am a woman and I can be beautiful,

Like a blue pebbled stream.

I can dance like silk

But only for myself in the full length mirror.

My thinking can be sweet, like

November tangerines.

I can learn once more

The language of bees

Because I was born speaking it.

And the rising moon will never cease to impress me,

No matter how many times

I have seen it.

I am a woman and

I can endure and survive myself.

I can ride my bike all night if

That’s what I want to do.

I am a river, overflowing and

Carving valleys,

Sometimes on the surface

Of my own body

But I am a continuum,

And the future will give itself to me

Because the past has stolen

All the things that were once

Gravitating towards my magnetized core.

The sunlight breaks free from

The curtains

And I can feel it

from behind closed eyes.

I open them slightly and see the colour spectrum of my lashes.

This is the moment I choose

To remind myself,

To wear a helmet

And to actually floss more (for real!)

But mostly, I remind myself

To tend to my garden

Like no other fox can,

Because one day I will cultivate so much beauty

And I will breathe life into this world.

instagram: @moon___beam