for you.

words by áine donnelly
art by natalie michie

To begin
How sweet it is to begin
To take in a breath and start again
How sweet it is to take a chance
To be on the breach of discovery
To turn around and kiss possibility Let it lead you down a familiar path
Greet the past
And begin

This kiss
does not belong to you
The touch of my fingertips
does not feel you
These limbs
are not yours to carry
The beat of my heart
does not skip at your presence
These hairs
do not raise for you
The wander of my mind
does not bring me to you

from me to you

Bury me in your body

Bury me in your body Lay me down in the grave of your soul Hold my life in your hands.

Bury me in your body Swallow me in the darkness of your eyes Cross your arms around me And pull me into your depths.

Bury me in your body.

A new kind of loneliness
It exists within my cells

I hold the last mouthful of wine

too long

it’s bitter now

I come home smelling of him
I text: I’m home
He says: Thanks for tonight

That night I dream of someone else.

bit by bit

if I build myself back up bit, by bit
then maybe
just maybe
I’ll fit.

start with the feet, the toes
let them sink into the dirt.

then ankles.

there’s the knees,
the hips,
the pelvis.
reclaim the pelvis as your own.
the boat that balances.

your spine,
treat with respect.

the heart.
the heart is heavy,
I know.
she carries so much and has almost turned to stone.

breathe and let light in.

to let go does not mean to dishonour or forget.

your clavicle,
your shoulders,
your scapula,
arm, elbow, wrist, and hand.

your fingers,
reach out and hold yourself.

wrap your lips around hello,
I know the way.