recognize and get empowered

poem by alicia plummer

art by raviya


Is what we face.


But you bring us down, because you think it’s okay, and that we’re crazy.

Gaslight like it’s alright to preach what you’re teaching.

You’re not a preacher, so I’ll tell you what you’re doing, you’re reaching.

Now please reach into your wallet and donate to stop the hating,

Instead of saying awful words and feel glamorous from all the change you’re making –

That’s faking.

That’s not living in the reality of a movement.

That’s choosing

To live in a life where you keep us losing

That’s broken.

That’s the way society was made.

The system is corrupt with this idea of BIPOC incapable of playing the game

But being capable of being played,

That’s lame.

People don’t speak out because of stress, we say less, and get told to “speak” and if we don’t, then “talk is cheap” and the phrase, “how can we improve if we don’t know?” pops up,

but when I do say something, it’s “Well why didn’t you speak up long ago?”

So what’s the answer?

To speak, or to hold back, either way

The upper hand lays with the oppressor.

I focus on seeing brighter days

Because this life can seem so loud

But when I shout,

Words seem to get lost in the crowd

“She’s doing this for clout”,

Some people assume without a doubt –

I just want white folks to learn from the words that they speak so proudly about.

Microaggressions, watering into systemic racism and then a destroyed society sprouts.

Even with my doubts, I try to find a way out. And I hold my people with me, does it get easy? Never. But we can get busy.

Spreading the word of what makes a difference. Uplifting our citizens.

Refusing to let the hate win even after it has settled in. Because we are never settling. Never deciding that change is a battle we cannot overcome. I stand for those who refuse to run. I stand, because we will never be done. I stand, like the sun we rise again. Only shining brighter and refusing to be ignored.

alicia plummer

alicia plummer is an actor/creator from Scarborough, Ontario. This year so far, she has had the pleasure of being in the following productions: A Period Piece by Missus Productions, a reading of The Laramie Project for Muskoka Pride, Can Lit Can Suck It by Other(ed) Productions, and 20/20: Vision by Can’t Stand Sitting Productions. She has also been an actor for Mixed Company Theatre’s forum theatre, for university students about consent. As much as she loves acting, she has a very strong passion for writing. Her writing varies from song writing, poetry, and playwriting. Her goal as a playwright is to make people laugh, and she is currently directing her show Fandom with three amazing actors at the Northumberland Summer Shorts Festival, which virtually premieres near the end of August! When it comes to her poetry and her lyrics in her music, the themes and the flow are rooted in honest, uncensored thought that she hopes people can connect with. She is a proud black woman, who is all about representation in the arts, and she’s ecstatic Trick Magazine is interested in her poetry. She hopes to inspire other black folks to be brave, and speak their truth.