a short film/video of a spoken word poem by martina gordon

It is supposed to represent the autonomy of thoughts and questions that swirl through our minds – like a train. They follow their own path sometimes and end up in places you never really imagined they could be – whether those places are filled with darkness or light. In the climate that we are currently living in, I wanted to call on how sensitive the mind is to what it consumes. As easy as it is for some of us to step away from it all, for marginalized people, specifically Black people, there is no stepping away. There is only approaching every thought, feeling, pain and joy hoping that it brings you one step closer to freedom. 

wonder by martina gordon

martina gordon

Martina Gordon is a biochemistry student who loves to write and
create. Due to the lack of Black voices in the Canadian writing
atmosphere, she feels compelled to enter this field to offer her
insight and knowledge to help diversify the space. She specializes in
writing articles and personal essays relating to race, gender equity,
science, and feminism.