Reflecting on 2020

Right before the pandemic took over our lives, Trick was launched on February 20th, 2020. We certainly did not imagine that this year and our journey with Trick would turn out the way it has. Despite a rocky start, we managed to work together to create something that we are all so proud to be a part of.

Here are reflections on our year through Trick:


As I set my intentions for 2020 in my planner, I thought to myself, ‘This year is going to be different.’ Entering the year with a new set of experiences to inform my perspectives, a renewed sense of self-love, and a small but strong support system, I was ready to make 2020 my best year yet. And the first few months of it really felt like it was going to be. 

Starting Trick with Chey and Raviya has been one of the best experiences ever, and though the pandemic derailed some of our goals for the magazine, it’s also shown us what’s possible with limited resources. As an independent publication, one of the things that’s never changed about Trick is the passion and excitement that motivated us to start it. That’s what kept it going during the uncertain first few months of the pandemic, and it’s what has kept it alive and thriving.

The contributors who have chosen to share their visions, stories, and creativity with Trick is what has inspired me the most. Every person who has reached out to us wanting to contribute to the publication has been the greatest gift of all, because it’s shown us that other people feel the passion and excitement that’s wrapped up in Trick. 

When we started Trick, we said we wanted it to be a safe space for all kinds of creative storytelling. Though we’ve been limited by lack of physical space, a beautiful community has formed through online space, and that has been exciting and humbling. 

I’m entering 2021 with a little less self-assurance, I’ll be honest. But it’s kind of freeing to know that anything can happen, and even if things don’t turn out exactly how you envisioned, they can still turn out good. What we do know is that we and our little online community is still here. We haven’t lost sight of the excitement that inspired us to launch Trick at the beginning of the year. 

I’m ready for a new year of challenges, excitement, and hopefully some peace. If we were able to provide anyone with a space for cathartic release through creative storytelling this year, we’ve achieved our goal. Looking ahead to the new year, I’m so excited for all the stories that will be shared on this platform, because they’re what makes Trick Magazine what it is.

Favourite Posts of the Year:

The Cherry Tree and the Woman With the Ulcer by Audra Chadwick

Quaranteen by Manuela Vega

Wonder by Martina Gordon


2020 has been a whirlwind to say the least. I had an image in my head of the way the year was to unfold. Anticipation and excitement built up until our launch day on February 20 and ever since then, Trick has been such a source of belonging, expression and joy for me. I couldn’t have chosen two better people to do it with – working with Nat and Raviya has made everything so easy during times when it felt like the world was collapsing. 

It feels like yesterday when we were still planning everything. It’s crazy to think that it’s been 10 months since we launched. I’ve loved working with all of our amazing contributors and hearing their stories. 

I’m so humbled that we’ve been a place for creatives to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The Trick community is so special. 

This year I’ve really come to acknowledge the importance of simply listening. Not just hearing what others have to say, but listening and creating space for others to listen as well. 

Working to collectively create our own space has been beautifully empowering. I’ve grown as a creative, friend and individual from the rollercoaster ride the year taken us on. My appreciation for art in all its forms has grown, and I’ve come to the realization that creation is a fundamental part of life. 

There’s no way to predict what 2021 will be like, but that prospect is somewhat exciting. I’ve spent the year working to just let past troubles and future anxieties go and live day by day, and I’m so ready to do that with Nat and Raviya by my side. 

I’m so proud of how far we’ve come with the magazine and can’t wait to see what stories, experiences and wisdom next year has in store for us.

Favourite Posts of the Year:

Who I Want To Be vs. Who I Need To Be by Martina Gordon

The Relationship I Never Would Have Left by Emma Johnston-Wheeler

Recognize and Get Empowered by Alicia Plummer


Though this year has turned out to be quite different than what I imagined when we started Trick Magazine at the beginning of 2020, it has not been entirely disappointing. In this tumultuous time, Trick has provided a space to explore, create and discover amidst all the chaos and uncertainty. It has given me hope and excitement, despite all the ups and downs of this pandemic.

We’ve had the chance this year to witness something beautiful grow from Trick. The small online community of talented artists and writers that it has helped build has been so inspiring, and wouldn’t exist without them and their creative contributions. It’s been an honour to create a space for their stories and experiences. It’s been wonderful to work with and learn from each other.

Personally, Trick has really changed the way I approach my work, because it has given me the confidence to pursue what really matters to me. If that means starting something entirely new, then so be it. There might be uncertainty and fear, and it might not be everything you expect, but it teaches you something new about yourself and gets you closer to where you’re hoping to go.

Trick has also shown me that with the right people by your side, you can create something that can really change and inspire you and everyone involved in it. As a team, Trick has created a space for us to imagine and envision what we can do together, and individually. With such creative and powerful women like Natalie and Cheyenne, it can be empowering to dream of Trick’s potential. It also feels incredibly supportive because you’re in it together, and it gives you the confidence to try new things. I’m so grateful to work alongside them and learn from them.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Trick grows and changes in this next year, and what new possibilities and dreams we can explore together.

Favourite Posts of the Year:

The Data Monarch and the Power Dynamics of the Internet by Tristan Sauer

Puhpowee by Kenza Vandenbroek

Hello earth, hello self: why Hounds of Love’s emotional awareness is its true genius by Sydney Brasil