TRICK MAGAZINE PRESENTS… ‘now is after’ by Blue Rivers

now is after is oozing with vulnerability.

In the second single from his upcoming debut album clear path to nowhere!, Blue Rivers’ unique flow guides you through his anxious thoughts with the confinement of these worries reflected in the physical isolation that many of us know too well.

Although he is boxed in by the four walls of his room in the video, he searches for more meaning through his words, lamenting on the hardships of a career in music.

All the while, the soft melody produced by Blue Rivers’ high school friend, Sawan Kanota, rings behind his vocals.

I felt like I wanted more recognition.

“At the time when I was writing this, I felt like I wanted more recognition. It’s just this (feeling of) being impatient really. But even later on the album, I kind of get over that and progress through feelings, and understand that I got to create just to create,” the Brampton-born rapper told Trick Magazine.

“I guess that’s why the album’s called ‘clear path to nowhere,’ because (I’m) kind of just drifting through this, trying to understand how it works and why things work the way they do in this strange industry.”

His debut album clear path to nowhere! is set to be released Summer 2021.

Blue Rivers
Blue Rivers

Blue Rivers is a Canadian Hip Hop artist and picture-taker born in Brampton, Ont. He found his rhyme style as a poet, but soon found his footing in Rap from the likes of R.A.P. Ferreira and Digable Planets. 

After two years of releasing music, Rivers is gearing up to drop his first album ‘clear path to nowhere’ later in 2021. 

Blue Rivers’ odd flow makes him an anomaly in the rap game. “We can create and therefore should!”