You Call This Love?

You clutch your phone desperately, 

Anxiously waiting for today’s top picks. 

Hoping one of us will fall for your sly tricks. 

You swipe and swipe so effortlessly, 

Only seeing our looks and the potential of our bodies, pure ecstasy.

My profile appears, you freeze like a brick. 

You swipe right, believing I will be yours in just one click. 

I wonder what you crave to do with my body, insensibly. 

My dreams, passions, my greatest fears, have no meaning, 

Your opening line is empty and dirty. 

You don’t want to know me, what makes up my days, what goes on in my brain,

How I love to run, how it makes me feel alive, how it eases my pain.

No, because that takes work, it takes time, and you are in a hurry.

I am nothing to you except your conquest of the evening, 

To you, I am nothing but a fleeting feeling.

Emily Gibson (she/her)
Emily Gibson (she/her)

Emily Gibson is in her fourth year at the University of Guelph. She is studying English and Creative Writing. Emily’s main genres of focus are poetry, short stories/flash fiction, and screenwriting. She is passionate about women’s rights and loves to write about the human experience. Emily is the Marketing and Publicity Director as well as a writer for the online magazine Her Campus at Guelph. She is working towards a career in screenwriting and hopes to further pursue this once she has completed her undergraduate degree.