Phone, For Nina Simone

words and art by Iva Celebic

I want to break it or bust it 

because I can’t stop touching it.

I want to be apart of the private rally

the techno politics, the avatars of rage

and I feel the rage in me, i do

through the phone – and I want to 

hand it to my Mother to be 

in the throws of the mental

back and forth, the digi revolution

that is occupying our electric selves

so she could be e-angry too

(CP24 doesn’t call on you! )

but I also want to bust it

and break it and lure everyone

hand-holding, one behind the other

into a forest where we can’t point fingers

or talk in infographics or deranged self-protective 

perspectives but about trees and rain and 

the dampness we face

when we think of a social order

that cannot be erased, it 

is a root system we are 

watering, and it’s not so sure 

what it itself is because it will never have to 

define itself before it explodes

but we try to, with a million larks flying overhead

swarming the Sun with poison avoiding

our eyes, where is God when you need her

Where is thunder and lightning 

Where is the volcanic eruption

that flattens the fight on language

and illuminates the real truth about death

and the Black ash that has been

covering America.

Iva Celebic
Iva Celebic

Montreal-based writer and photographer. Her eco-poetry explores the mirror between the natural world and the psyche- the reconnection of the self thru the elements, and the rejection of an artificial world. With a special interest in language poetry and trance writing, she gets most of her inspiration while looking directly at the Sun.